Rituals Of The Technium - Rose Window
Cathedral glass, Lead solder, Steel, Aluminium, Valchromat, LED’s & Miscellaneous electronics
Rituals of the Technium is a digital stained glass window that exists between a screen, a portal, a window, a shrine.

On a fundamental level the handcrafted lead and glass facade takes the form of a scaled up RGB (Red, Green, Blue) pixel array; the inherent structure found in every digital screen across our technological ecology. This pixel structure accumulates to form a pixelated circular window in ode to the rose window; the stained glass centre piece commonly found in gothic cathedrals.

However, as opposed to offering the narratives and icons of spiritual faith, It instead streams the trending image searches occurring live on the internet. Whereby these images are then manipulated through a series of kaleidoscopic filters formulated from the various structural styles of stone tracery found in rose windows.

The piece invites you to bask in the light of an evolving portrait of our collective digital consciousness. It hopes to help contemplate how a lower visual resolution can maybe offer a higher perceptual resolution upon our new age digital existences.

Futurist philosopher Kevin Kelly - ‘The Technium - the seventh kingdom of life’

©Gus Skottowe 2021