I am a Technologist and in equal measure an Artist. My practice involves embodying these roles both separately but more importantly simultaneously; where I become a technician of visual/material culture and a romantic expeditionary of the Technological environment.

The work remixes cues from the technological ecology which has increasingly en-wrapped humanity for millennia. I believe technology to be an extension of mind, in the form of immaterial systems of thought and physical embodiments of it. Everything from fire, to language, to spiritual belief systems and even art is a form of technology. But is art the technology or technology the art?

To interrogate this question I cross pollinate these two processes whereby I philosophise the concepts and systems of technology to a point where their ‘functionally’ becomes arbitrary and respectively I impose frameworks of formulaic logic around Art’s command of emotion.

This has helped nurture my believe that the innate desires we express through Art and then wider culture dictates the course of technology and the functionality of our new tools; in-turn these then drastically change the ways in which art is produced. This perpetual feedback loop between these modes of subjective and objective production represents a state of equilibrium, a state which my practice aspires to embody by creating objects that imbue a sense of ambiguous purpose between that of function and meaning.


2020 — Central Saint Martins UAL, BA (Hons) Fine Art,
First Class Honours.

2016 — Central Saint Martins UAL, Foundation Art & Design,


2021 — National Sculpture Prize, Winner.

2021 — The Ashurst Emerging Art Award, Finalist.
2020 — Mead Award Winner
UAL & Scott Mead.

2020 —Barry Martin Award Winner, Barry Martin.

2020 - NOVA Award Nominee, Mullenlowe

2018- RA 250th Anniversary Installation Commission,
Royal Academy of the Arts.


2021, National Sculpure Prize, Broomhill Estate. 

2021, Ashhurst Emerging Art Prize, 1 Duval Square.

2020, UAL Graduate Showcase, Online.

2020, BUILT, Safehouse 1.

2020, Open Studio, Central Saint Martins.

2019, Dissections, Royal Academy of Arts.

2018, Untitled (Close to Now), Lever Gallery.

2017, Studio complex, Tate Exchange.

2016, Foundation Show, Central Saint Martins

2016, A Happening, Central Saint Martins

2014, Garden Exhibition, Cambridge University

©Gus Skottowe 2021