Parasitus Industria.

Circuit Boards, LED Lights, Petier Modules, Solar Panels, Computer Fans, Laptop Battery’s.
This is a performative installation piece called Parasitus Industria (Energy parasite). Here the artist embodies a parasitic nature and slowly grows a silicon based electronic organism throughout the human-made environment. This plant-like organism survives entirely off of wasted energy emitted from the inefficiencies of a building’s energy infrastructures. It uses a series of solar panels to scavenge wasted light; it also uses Peltiers to forage wasted heat. All this harvested energy is then used to power the 50 LEDs and 4 fans embedded into the circuit boards, which represent the life and inner workings of this new category of organism. This raises questions about our current culture of waste and archaic methods of managing energy.

©Gus Skottowe 2021